‘Call for Genocide’: Nikki Haley Tells Netanyahu ‘Finish Them’

In a chilling video interview with Fox News, US Presidential hopeful Nikki Haley has called on Americans to support Israel while telling the Israeli leader to ‘finish off’ Palestinians.

“This should be personal for every woman and man in America,” Haley said in the interview, which she posted on her social media channels.

“Why?”, she added, “because when (Palestinians) did this, when they made this surprise attack, when they took these hostages, when they murdered these families, they were celebrating.”

“And what were they celebrating?” Haley asked, before answering herself, “They were saying ‘Death to Israel,’ ‘Death to America.’ This is not just an attack on Israel. This is an attack on America.”

We need to “(make) sure our enemies do not hurt our friends.”

“America can never be so arrogant to think we don’t need friends, just like we needed them on 911,” she said.

“I say this to Prime Minister (Benjamin) Netanyahu: Finish them. Finish them. Hamas did this. You know Iran is behind it. Finish them.”

‘Call for Genocide’ 

Palestinian author and journalist, Ramzy Baroud has described Haley’s comments as “an outright call for genocide.”

“Haley epitomizes the stereotypical politician, who would not mind igniting wars to rise to the top,” he said, and “here she smells an opportunity to rally rightwing extremists in the US behind her, purely for political reasons.”

“But to call on Netanyahu to carry out blatant genocide against Palestinians in the besieged, impoverished and most crowded region in the world, is horrific beyond belief,” he added.

“This matter must be pursued immediately by legal action by civil society groups to ensure that such genocidal calls are not repeated, neither by her nor any other US fanatics.”

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(The Palestine Chronicle)

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